viernes, 22 de febrero de 2013

An ode to Black Yarn

A while ago, a cousin asked for a phone cozy, he's cool and this would be the first knitted thing he asks, so I said "sure, which colors do you want?", then he said the most awful words someone can say to a knitter IMO: "just one, black", the moment those words left my cousin's mouth I felt the urge to gulp down a hole bottle of vodka, to grow claws and maim him, and running all the way to Peru, all at the same time...

Have you ever, dear reader who possibly is also a knitter/crocheter, worked with black yarn? If you haven't please allow me to explain you the outwordly and invigorating experience that working with black yarn is: its like having mud smeared all over your face, just that instead of being in your face, the mud is all over your stitches... Seriously, you only have a vague sense of what you're doing, and no matter what stitch pattern you use, the thing will still look like an amorphous blob of doom...

see?? Fucking. Blob. of  DOOM

Now, don't get me wrong, I don't dislike the color -most of my shirts are either black or really dark- or the finished projects -they actually look pretty classy and cool-  but damm it, its so frustrating and depressing to work with it  ;.;

As you can see, the finished object looks pretty nice, but still, working with dark yarn is annoying as fuck ¬¬

Also, after casting off the phone cozy I started another project, a complete opposite , color-wise

Sneak Peek!!

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  2. black yarn is the bane of knitterly existence, yeah.

    my first project was a black, acrylic, garter stitch scarf. the horror!

    1. Its good to see I'm not only one that thinks that way :p

      Also, that scarf sounds a bit like a PITA to me