lunes, 29 de agosto de 2011

Dude, WTF??

I have tried to log-in to blogger around  70 million times since my last post .... I don’t know what the hell is going on with it, but between today and tomorrow I’ll start posting entries for those days... I never would have thought that  my life was as interesting for blog daily about it ....
P.S. I seriously love the way the google translator thingy fucks up everything I say…. 

viernes, 19 de agosto de 2011

A Bad Day...

This is one of those shitty days where you don’t feel like doing anything, where your are sleep deprved and is the only thing you manage to do is yawn like an idiot ...Also its one of those days where you sit at the computer making a stupid-looking face  thinking "I have to knit, I have to knit, I have to finish that damn scarf before next week, I have to finish, I must  finish it" and spend hours imagining how you lift the ass of the computer, walk across the living room, pick up the scarf and start knitting ... After what seemed like hours picturing myself knitting, I finally decided to pick up the scarf and started ... 5 minutes later I wanted to burn the scarf, the needles, the pattern, and chew my fingers until they no longer exist ... It s not flowing, I’m not feeling it and I'm not loving it ... every stitch that I knit seems to need titanic amounts of willpower and energy, the yarn squeals like an animal being butchered each time I slide the stitches through the needles, however I can’t stop, I really  really need to finish this scarf, as soon as possible! It was requested earlier this year, according to my knitting agenda on March 21, but I didn’t start working on it until June 17 (I'm a bastard, I know) and while knitting cables its a soul-consuming complex process, I feel guilty, guilty for having 5 WIPs at the same time, guilty for not  started earlier the scarf, guilty for having bought a yarns squeals and even more guilty about spending hours thinking about doing a seafoam scarf instead of this messenger of doom scarf ...
That's how the scarf looks at the moment:

The picture is crap. The colours was the only thing that the recipient requested, If it were up to me I would’ve used a single color .... Here, a cable close-up ‘cause, they're cute and I'm proud of them:

It measures exactly 1 mt (about a yard) .... When finished it should measure about 1.60 meters (1.75 yards), the funny thing is that if my assumptions are correct, I have only enough yarn for about 30 centimeters, 40 at best ... So by a somehow magical, dark and possibly dangerous way, I have to stretch it at least 30 cms more by blocking it ... Did I mention that the yarn is acrylic and that I don’t have a steam thingy at hand?

New Kid on The Block...

Its been a year since I began playing with the idea of knitting... Also I've been playing with the idea of having a blog... And write... Stuff... You know, stuff.... But everytime I said  "I'm gonna start a blog", a nasty voice in the back of my head replied "And your gonna say what, and about what?" Those two  questions where enough to stop me from doing anything... After all that voice (my conscience? an alternate personality? a brain melting parasite?) was right, I was just a kid, with nothing important to say about anything... For some reason I feel different now, I still think I have nothing important to talk about, but I don't care what that little voice in my head has to say (take that  brain melting parasite!!)
As stated above, I knit, therefore this will be a knitting blog, where I'll try to keep track of my ideas, where I'll curse heavily my knitting  write about my projects and possible modifications for future re-knits, and maybe, maybe, a place to post my crappy patterns when I decide to write them
Also, this blog might include:
-Swearing, depending of my frustration levels
-typos and misspellings. I speak spanish, I'm still learning and practicing my english
-anime/manga/japanese culture related comments
-deep and meaingfull anthropological reflections about why some patterns are so freaking difficult to read knitting and crocheting in general

Innocent bystanders, wandering bloggers or any other person bored enough to read my crap, you have been warned