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2013 Knitting Resolutions

Yo! In an amazing display of responsibility that shocks  even me, I decided to post my list of knitting resolutions... I won't do resolutions like "I want to knit 600000 yards this year" or "I'm gonna knit ALL the swaters in The Celtic Collection" , mostly because they always lead to dissapointment and depression... Intead, what I want to do for the 2013 is try new techniques, tackle patterns that have been taunting me for ages...
So, during this year I want to:
- Learn to do double knitting
- Get better at doing stranded colorwork
-Actually understand how the fuck do you do entrelac
-Try a fancy pansy, one hundred charts and 4 diferent edgings to choose lace shawl, preferably a circular one, since it'll probably end up as a table runner... Also, the key word here is TRY, if I found the little bastard to be too much of a problem I'll frog it...
-I want to crochet a garment, or a hat...
-A blanket... For some sick and unexplainable reason I want to try either crocheting or knitting a blanket... I might actually do a bicraftual project and make a bunch of afghan blocks...
- This one is not really a resolution but a "if I have time" kind of thing: I want to knit a cardigan for myself, with a hood, and probably cables, or colorwork... I still don't know, but I want to make myself a fucking cardigan so awesome that people die of sheer envy when the see it...

Now, just like I mentioned above, I'd like to tackle a few patterns that have been teasing me for a while and I've been too much of a chicken to try them... This pattern tackling, wich I hope I manage to do, its gonna be called "Bitch, you goin down!", and will be accompanied by this little pseudobadge

I couldn't bring myself to purposely make a spelling mistake
Now, a list with some of the bitches that hopefully will be going down:

-Enpaper Hat
-Bicolor Spiral Hat - This might be the first bitch going down, since I have a yarn that will do the trick
- Pax - This might actually take a while, I've read the pattern and duuuuude I don't undertand shit >.<
-Selbu Modern
-Coachella - I have plans to knit at least 3 of these for several family members...
- Either Pamina, Maeva or Window Pane Socks, just to see how long until I lose my mind
- This thing, just because it looks fucking awesome
-And Finally, a Clapotis, because why the fuck not?

Please note, this is not a definitive list, I just included the ones I find "doable" during this year

Now, If you guys excuse me I have a bag's ass to kick... More to come in this issue, I promise!

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