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Knitting and Crochet Blog Week 2012 - 3KCBWDAY2 "Photography Challenge"

Today's topic was actually a sort of challenge, we're suppossed to take creative and inspirational pics, related to our crafts... Technique wasn't important here, creativity and imagination where supossed to guide our mighty camera lens into epicness...

Now, yours trully, even thought likes to boast about having a great creativity, was baffled by this challenge (I'm gonna stop talking in 3rd person now, I'm already doing my best writing in crappy english). In had absolutely now fucking idea of what to do... Maybe something related to the evil and scratchy scarf of doom? or maybe something involving my cats? What, in the name of everything wooly, could I do for todays challenge???

The Inspiration came, once again from the water... Specifically from this cute yarn...

I had this awesome visions about water lilies and ponds made of yarn... I was a genius! This would work perfectly!!

Sadly, my mind is able to create really intricated things... Things that my clumsy hands not always can mimic... Before showing the pics, I'll say that in their original form, they are really crappy... After almost an hour of sheer frustration, because I couldn't put together what I had in mind, I decided that Photoshop would make up for my clumsyness... After all, everything looks better woth photoshop right?

The waterlilly, came up looking like this

And after playing with it in photoshop, it came looking like this:

It still looks like crap...
After the waterlilly fiasco, I tried again... The original pics are still crappy, but the photoshoped version, don't look THAT bad... 

From, this

To this:

And from this

To this:

They kinda look like children's drawings... And I kinda love/hate them...

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  1. Respuestas
    1. Thank you1 At least someone (asides from me) finds them cute :p

  2. heh, heh, i like the last one especially, though the kappas are very cute!

  3. Well color me contrary ... I like the first photoshop'd one. :)