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Knitting and Crochet Blog Week 2012 - Day 1 3KCBWDAY1 "A Colorful Mind"

 "Colour is one of our greatest expressions of ourselves when we choose to knit or crochet, so how do you choose what colours you buy and crochet or knit with. Have a look through your stash and see if there is a predominance of one colour. Do the same with your finished projects - do they match? Do you love a rainbow of bright hues, or more subdued tones. How much attention do you pay to the original colour that a garment is knit in when you see a pattern? Tell readers about your love or confusion over colour."

Its the first day of this year's Knitting and Crochet Blog Week... And I'm bouncing of excitement! This will be my first time taking part in it... I hope to somehow manage to get all the posts ready in time -I had this unrealistic vision of myself having all the week's posts done by last saturday-. Now, lets get this done :D

Today's topic was about color, how we relate to color, and how we use it in our knitting (or crocheting)... We were encouraged to look into our knitter-ish soul (our stash)  and our projects, to see if there was a predominating color...  
So, how about if we ask to my stash, and projects, about my favorite color?

this is the first picture I take to my stash... Its bigger than I thought,
but still,  small in comparison to others I've seen

Its pretty balanced right? There is a lot of blues and greens...

And a fair amount of reds, pinks and such.... 

I even have a bunch of whites, beiges and nudes or whatever they're called now...

The browns and yellows seem to be the minority here... probably because I'm not very fond of those colors...
Now, if we look into my projects, you'll see a bunch of toys, freeform blobs, and mostly stuff I've made either to sell or to give as gifts... yeah, I'm not much of a selfish knitter... There isn't a lot of "me" in there...

Now, what if I look into my wardrobe?

Shitloads of T shirts, either black, or in dark emo colors... I don't pay a lot of attention to my clothes, I guess I should, but meh...

Lets take a look to my archaeological records, the skein of memories... Mostly pinks and reds

with splashes of the other colors

According to my stash and projects I'm a fairly balanced person in terms of colors right?


The truth is that I'm pretty obssesed with two colors, although, properly speaking, its actually a whole family of colors, that I've started to arbitrarily call Oceania family (teal, aqua green, and blues) and the absense of light (black). Acording with some theories about color, black isn't actually a color, but the absense of light, and white its actually the absense of color... Cool isn't it?
The black its a reminiscense of my teen years as a pseudo goth... And the "oceania family" its my new found love, ever since I joined Ravelry I've been obsessed with them... A quick google search about these colors, will tell you about healing, fertility, elegance and other stuff, that while might be true in some level, I don't think it applies to me, at least not entirely... The reason why I love all these colors it because they remind me to ponds and seas. These are bodies of water... Acording to Jungian Psycology, the water its the representation of our subconscious mind... There you have it, my love for these colors talks about a reconnection with my subconscious mind...
On a less intense and existentialist tone, I think my usage of color in my knitting has to do a lot with both the fact that  in my country there isn't a lot of choices in terms of colors, so until I can afford to buy things online, I have to settle with what I find around. A trip to a LYS can be pretty frustrating: 
-Me: Excuse me, do you have any tonal yarn?
-Tonal yarns? whats that? Here, have some variegated acrilyc yarn
-Me: hhhmmm, okay, how abou Self-Stripping yarns?
- Self-Stripping? How do you eat that shiet?Why don't you buy some variegated yarn?
-Me: and Self-patterning sock yarn?
-Self-patterning sock yarn? Stop fucking around and buy moar VARIEGATED YARN!!
-Me: No ma'am I don't want anymore fucking variegated yarn!!, if I ever buy more variegated yarn I'll simultaneously explode and implode creating a black hole of variegated doom!! Stop offering it to me!!!!!

But, as they say, necessity is the mother of invention... I've managed to succesfully create a somewhat crappy self-stripping yarn, all by myself...

kiss my ass Kauni!

It looks pretty cool right? Once I get the hang of the trick I think I'll make one with really long color repeats...

Ok, I'm gonna stop now... I gotta save a bit of inpiration for the rest of the week! Click the first pic of the post for more colorful blogs, You're a Genius Eskimimi!!

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  1. wow, that is a pretty solid representation from most colors in your stash (way more so than my stash)!

    so, does the self-made self-striping mean you're dyeing yarn, or splicing together various colors?

    1. Thanks :D

      dyeing would be the ideal solution, but I haven't been able to find proper dyes around here, only those salt based... So far I've russian-joined pieces of yarn at regular intervals... It was fiddly, but I love it :D

  2. Your stash reminds me of a sea of corral in the ocean :O).

    1. Thank you!! That is a lovely thing to say! I found those incredibly beautiful, corals that it :D

  3. Ok, you're just way too funny! We need to get you some Noro. :)