viernes, 19 de agosto de 2011

New Kid on The Block...

Its been a year since I began playing with the idea of knitting... Also I've been playing with the idea of having a blog... And write... Stuff... You know, stuff.... But everytime I said  "I'm gonna start a blog", a nasty voice in the back of my head replied "And your gonna say what, and about what?" Those two  questions where enough to stop me from doing anything... After all that voice (my conscience? an alternate personality? a brain melting parasite?) was right, I was just a kid, with nothing important to say about anything... For some reason I feel different now, I still think I have nothing important to talk about, but I don't care what that little voice in my head has to say (take that  brain melting parasite!!)
As stated above, I knit, therefore this will be a knitting blog, where I'll try to keep track of my ideas, where I'll curse heavily my knitting  write about my projects and possible modifications for future re-knits, and maybe, maybe, a place to post my crappy patterns when I decide to write them
Also, this blog might include:
-Swearing, depending of my frustration levels
-typos and misspellings. I speak spanish, I'm still learning and practicing my english
-anime/manga/japanese culture related comments
-deep and meaingfull anthropological reflections about why some patterns are so freaking difficult to read knitting and crocheting in general

Innocent bystanders, wandering bloggers or any other person bored enough to read my crap, you have been warned

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